I am an experienced full-stack web developer. I handle all aspects of creating a website, including both frontend, backend, and database work. As such, I am skilled in HTML, CSS, and Javascript (esp. with jQuery). For backend work I generally work with PHP; I am up-to date with PHP including Object-Oriented programming and am familiar with MVC concepts.

As for design, I tend to choose a minimalistic approach. My reasoning is that it produces cleaner code that is easier to read while producing content that instantly grabs the attention of the target audience. While coding I tend to take extra steps just to ensure that my code is maintainable.


HotSpring of Santa Clarita

HotSpring of Santa Clarita is the latest iteration of our HotSpring Supply ecommerce website. The design is actually the next generation which we are going to apply to all of our websites. The design is fully responsive, so it works on any device. The best pages are those for the individual spas; they are all dynamically generated based on an easily-updatable database - necessary since the models change every year.

Whiteswan Pools and Spas

The Whiteswan Spas website is our main website for all of our stores; it's responsible for getting the customers in our stores. It's a much older design so it has a few issues. It was developed before anyone at the company realized how big mobile was; as a result, we had to do quite a bit of backend magic to make an alternate jQuery Mobile based template which applies itself whenever our sever determines you are running on a smartphone.


I have a wide skillset that actually encompasses more than just web development. I also have experience administrating Linux servers and the associated software, including configuration of Apache httpd, nginx, and sendmail. And since my experience has been mostly in the field of ecommerce, I am also well versed on SEO best practices



I was hired by Whiteswan Pools and Spas in August of 2009 as their only technical staff. When I started, they had little online presence; they only had a simple one-page website with very little traffic and a small store with about 20 different items. I have worked with the owner to create logistics programs and completely redone their entire web presence. Now we have three online stores that brought in 1.2 million dollars of revenue last year alone, as well as a web presence to bring in customers for highly profitable hot tub sales.