Alchemist Alliance

Disparate Elements in Beautiful Harmony


Web Design

These are the projects were I was directly in charge of visual design.

HotSpring of Santa Clarita

HotSpring of Santa Clarita

This design was used in the past when this location sold HotSpring hot tubs. While they don't sell the spas anymore, they now use this domain to sell the repair parts direct to the public.

Whiteswan Pools and Spas (2013-2015)

Whiteswan Spas 2013

In 2013, Whiteswan spas was transitioning away from traditional forms of advertising, which were becoming increasingly ineffective. As the company was expanding into more stores and representing more brands, we needed a custom design that would showcase these new elements.

Whiteswan Pools and Spas (2015-Present)

Whiteswan Pools and Spas

By this point, we realized that consumers were overwhelmingly relying on the internet for help making purchasing decisions. With that in mind, we did a complete overhaul of the website. The new design features automated design, allowing me to create highlight pages by adding information to a database instead of writing each page from scratch.

This design also features interactive elements and a custom backend mailer to help manage sales leads.

Software Design


Library is a final project for a Collage Advanced Java Project. It connects to a MariaDB instance with JDBC and presents a web interface implemented in JavaServer Faces and even had authentication.

This project was doomed from the start. Although I made an effort early on to create a good archetechture to make the project easy to modify and improve upon, there were two major issues that doomed the project. It was a group project, but one person didn't contribute anything and the other waited until the last minute to start working on it. The thing that ultimately ruined the project was the lack of a proper specification from the professor; as a result there are conceptual issues with the program. I wouldn't recommend anyone reuse any part of this application.

Music Annotations

This is an (as of yet unpublished) web application designed to do exactly what's on the label. Using components written with the Vue framework and the excellent Wavesurfer audio player library, it allows the user to add annotations to better explain the elements that make a song interesting.

The idea is to be able to give people the gift of music appreciation. Most people don't have the skills to fully appreciate good music of any type, which is why pop music becomes increasingly repetitive as time marches on.